Monday, August 29, 2011


The four of us - KT, Liz, Sam and I - awoke in KT's room and immediately jumped out of bed - we needed an early start on our quest.  Still in our pajamas, KT in her slippers, we set off for Safeway. 

As we walked to the local grocery store, Liz glanced at her phone and frantically informed us it was nearing 7:00.  We picked up the pace - we weren't terribly far but we needed to beat THEM.

We approached the parking lot; we saw THEM nearing the entrance.  We began to run.

We sprinted to the entrance just in time to be the first ones there as the doors opened - we won.  Almost.

Straight to the day-old baked goods; we definitely won.  We got first pick of the cheap food and each spent our few dollars on a variety of goodies.  

We sat on Safeway's sidewalk enjoying our feast.  Having each spent five dollars or less, we ended up with a loaf of french bread, spinach dip, some donuts, a pack of cinnamon buns, several types of cookies, a pie, two cakes, a pack of muffins, and some drinks.  I had a large carton of milk - a couple litres to last me all morning.

We had eaten as much food as we possibly could.

SAM: We have so much left over!
KT: We can take it home!
KAR: Yeah we can have it for lunch!
LIZ: I'm so full.
KAR: Me too. 
SAM: I can't believe we finished both of those cakes.
KT: I can't believe we beat the old people!
LIZ: Yeah and Winnipeg Harvest too!
KAR: It was close though, when we were running across the parking lot I definitely thought they'd win.

A couple of old people pass by and ask us if we're having a picnic.  We confirm that we are having a sidewalk dessert picnic. 

KT: So what do we want to do now?
LIZ: We could go to Tim Horton's.
KT: Let's see how long it will take us to get kicked out!
KAR: We could sing!
KT: Yeah!  What should we sing?
KAR: Let's sing Courtney Love songs!
KT: Okay, that shouldn't take too long to get us kicked out.
SAM: I'm not singing Courtney Love songs in Tim Horton's!

After singing several Courtney Love songs loudly in Tim Horton's, our throats got tired and we got bored.  So we gave up and the four of us walked back to KT's will all of our food.

KT, Liz and I drop Sam off at her house and continue to KT's.  Upon arrival we open our food bags and have a snack, finishing most of the food we bought.

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