Monday, August 8, 2011

An Epic Day With KT

KAR leaves her house, shouting that she’ll be at KT’s as she goes. She walks to KT’s house and lets herself in.

KAR: Am here!
KT: Am in the kitchen!

KT is in the kitchen sitting at her computer as KAR enters.

KAR: God they’re annoying.
KT: What did they do now?
KAR: They’re just being retarded. Yesterday my dad decided that instead of grounding me from the computer, he would use some stupid program to block a bunch of websites.
KT: Don’t those usually just block porn sites?
KAR: Well I don’t know, I don’t really know anything about them, but apparently he doesn’t either. Last night I discovered that Google is blocked now, the school website where my math assignments are is blocked, Hotmail is blocked… RedTube isn’t blocked though, go figure.
KT: Ha! Is that even possible?
KAR: I have no idea. I can look at porn but I can’t do my homework, which is especially brilliant seeing as the entire reason I was in trouble was because of my math marks. I may need to use your computer at some point.
KT: Yeah that’s fine, at least you can still go on IRC right?
KAR: Yeah that’s true. Oh! I had a dream about IRC last night!
KT: Really? What happened?
KAR: Well the entire setting of the dream was our channel… like all I could see was the screen and text, and whenever I’d think or say something it would be like I typed it. So the dream was just a big IRC chat. 
KT: I’ve had dreams like that too! It’s weird.
KAR: Yeah! Maybe we should go outside more?
KT: Nah. Actually, I told a couple of these guys we would mail them letters.
KAR: Ooh really?
KT: Yeah I got a few of their addresses!
KAR: Neat! We should go to the post office. Wanna do that now?
KT: Yeah okay, let me just tell them we’re AFK.
KAR: Do you have any shredded coconut?
KT: I think there should be some with the baking stuff.
KAR: Okay one sec, I’m just gonna have a quick bowl and then we’ll go.
KT: Okay.

KAR finds the bag of coconut, a bowl and a spoon, and dishes some out for herself.

KAR: Do you want any?
KT: No I’m good.
KAR: Okay. Hey remember that time your mom got me coconut for my birthday?
KT: Was that the same year you got me a brick for my birthday?
KAR: You said you wanted a surprise! Besides, I also gave you other stuff.
KT: I think I still have the brick in my room somewhere…
KAR: Oh yeah I saw it a while ago. This coconut is so good.

KAR finishes her coconut and puts her dishes in the sink.

KT: Ready to go?
KAR: Yep.

They leave KT’s house and begin walking to the Charleswood strip mall.

KAR: You know, if my house was an IRC channel, I would hack it.
KT: Hack it for ops!
KAR: Of course, I’d get ops and G-line them right the fuck out of there.
KT: Not your dog though.
KAR: No no of course not, I’d give him +v and it’d all be good. I just wish he would stop getting into all my garbage files…
KT: You don’t password your garbage files?!
KAR: Well I do when I remember but sometimes he manages to eat them anyway! He’s pretty good about covering his tracks.
KT: Speaking of which, we should have a code about hacking your house, we don’t want people on our trail.
KAR: That’s a very good point, what’s a good code for hacking a house… we could say we’re hacking a… hacking the…
KT: Gibson! Hacking the Gibson.
KAR: Yes! So when I say ‘the Plague’, I mean ‘parents’.
KT: AKA Eugene and Margo.
KAR: But of course. So does this make me like Zero Cool?
KT: I guess so.
KAR: You can be Acid Burn! You can help me hack the Gibson.
KT: Okay sweet! Hey! We should go into Dollarama.

KT and KAR walk into Dollarama and look around the aisles.

KAR: Since when do they sell spoons here?
KT: They sell everything here. Hey, we could mail a spoon!
KAR: Yeah, hey let’s not even write a letter or a note or anything, let’s just mail the spoon by itself.
KT: Haha okay, let’s buy this. Oh hey, and chalk!
KAR: Chalk?
KT: Look, there’s chalk right there, let’s buy some!
KAR: To mail?
KT: No, to colour with!
KAR: Oh. Okay!

After leaving Dollarama they go to the post office to mail a spoon to England. They then walk back to KT’s house where they spend the rest of the afternoon writing 1337 things with chalk all over the street.

KAR: Oh hey, I should phone my house and tell them I’m coming home, I gotta work pretty soon.
KT: Okay. Hands KAR her cell phone.
KAR: Thanks. Dials. Oh hi Dad. It’s me. What? No not Ellen. Do I sound like Stuart?! I don’t know where the dog is. No. It’s Karen. Karen! I’m at KT’s house! Yes you knew that! Dad if I snuck out, why would I be calling you? I’m not in the basement! No I’m not! You don’t need to put Mom on the- hi Mom. I don’t have a phone in my room. I’ve been gone since this morning! Mom if I had run away, I wouldn’t be- it’s not ME watching television in the basement. No I haven’t been there all day! Maybe it’s Ellen! Mom! I’m at KT’s house! Fine, I just called to say I’m coming home. Never mind! Hangs up.
KT: Wow. Hack the Gibson?
KAR: Exactly.

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