Monday, August 8, 2011

KT and Kar Again

KT and KAR are sitting in KT’s kitchen; the phone rings.

KAR: I’ll get it! Jumps towards the phone.
KT: No wait I’ll-
KAR: Hello, Rogers’ residence, Mr Rogers speaking! 
KT: Goddamnit Kar.
KAR: Shh, it’s your mom. Hi Mom! Mhm. Oh I don’t know, I feel like anything. To KT: Hey KT, what do you feel like for dinner?
KT: Uh…
KAR: Into the phone: Do you need to go grocery shopping at all? Really? I’d love to! After dinner? Okay. One second. To KT: Me and your mom are going grocery shopping after dinner, do you want to come?
KT: Uh, no I’m good.
KAR: Okay. Into the phone: KT? Oh, yeah sure no problem, hold on. To KT: Hey it’s for you, it’s your Mom.  Hands the phone to KT. 
KT: Hi mom. Yeah I know, I tried to answer it first… no that’s just how she’s been answering phones lately. She thinks she’s Mr. Rogers. Mhm. No she hasn’t found the glue. Okay. I don’t know, spaghetti maybe? Yeah Kar likes spaghetti. Okay. Bye. Hangs up the phone. 
KAR: What did she say about me? 
KT: Um. That she loves you. 
KAR: Oh yay! This is one of the reasons I need to marry Stitchup, his last name is actually Rogers! It’s some kind of sign. What’s the opposite of an omen? This is a good omen!

KT: Just because some kid on IRC has the last name of Rogers while you’re simultaneously being batshit insane, doesn’t mean it’s a good omen…
KAR: No, see, there were actually three good omens so far about him being my soulmate!
KT: Oh? What were the other two? 
KAR: Well one is that we got internet-married a couple of days ago. 
KT: Oh yeah I heard about that.
KAR: Yeah! And the third one, I asked him when his birthday is, and apparently it’s the same day that me and Toby broke up! That must mean something.
KT: Isn’t he going to jail for beating someone up with a baseball bat? 
KAR: Um… I don’t think they’ve sentenced him yet.
KT: You have such great taste in guys.
KAR: Right?!

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