Monday, August 8, 2011

KT and Kar Buy Soup

KT and KAR are sitting in KT’s kitchen; KT is focused on the computer while KAR is browsing through the cupboards.

KAR: You know what’s weird? I’m really craving soup right now.
KT: That’s a funny thing to crave.
KAR: Isn’t it? I really want vegetable soup though.
KT: Does it have to be vegetable? Cause I think we have some mushroom soup cans.
KAR: Well vegetable would be best… plus I don’t like mushroom soup. Hey! I bet I could make some from scratch!
KT: Kar have you ever made anything from scratch?
KAR: Um, I made hot chocolate this morning!
KT: Do I have to make you vegetable soup?
KAR: No no don’t trouble yourself, I’ll do it.
KT: Do you know how?
KAR: I’ll figure it out.
KT: Try not to burn my house down.
KAR: Yeah yeah, I’ll try my best. Okay, so first I’ll need… some vegetables. And a pot. Where are your pots?

KT gets KAR a pot and sets it on the stove.

KT: Anything else?
KAR: Nope I think I’m all set.
KT: Okay…

KT returns to the computer.  Some time passes, KT turns her head away from the monitor.

KT: How’s the soup?
KAR: Well… it doesn’t really look like soup yet.
KT: Let me see.

KT gets up and goes over to the pot. She sees boiling water, a potato, some baby carrots and some noodles.

KT: Goddamnit Kar…
KAR: Well it’s not done yet!
KT: Why is there an entire potato in there?
KAR: I told you I wasn’t done! I was just boiling it before I cut it up.
KT: What… why?
KAR: Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?
KT: No, no usually people chop the vegetables first.
KAR: Oh. And I can’t figure out why the water is still clear! There’s vegetables, there’s noodles… why is most vegetable soup red?
KT: Cause it has broth, not just hot water.  Yours isn't soup.
KAR: Mine’s soup…
KT: No… yours is a boiled potato and noodles.
KAR: That’s sorta like soup.
KT: We should just walk to Safeway and buy some soup.
KAR: Yeah! That’s a better idea.
KT: Okay, wanna go now?
KAR: Kay!

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