Monday, August 8, 2011

Drama Class


MR. ALEXANDER: Okay guys, settle down. Today I’m going to put you into groups and we’re going to build miniature sets.  We have small pieces of wood and glue and paint, and you’re going to have to work together to build the mini flats that you’ll need for the short play we read yesterday.  Any questions?

Nobody has any questions.

MR. ALEXANDER: Good. I’ve already made up the groups, so let’s see. Group one will be Kar'rina, KT, J.J., Kara and Danielle. You guys can go work in that corner over there.

MR. ALEXANDER points to the far corner of the room and the four students mentioned walk over there while the rest of the class is split into their groups (in the background).

LAUREN: Okay, so what flats will we need?
J.J.: One for the living room.
DANIELLE: One for the kitchen.
LAUREN: A bigger one for outside of the house I guess.
J.J.: Isn’t that it? 
DANIELLE: Oh, one for the kid’s bedroom?
J.J.: Oh yeah. Okay, I’ll do the kitchen.
DANIELLE: I wanna do the living room.
LAUREN: Okay, I’ll do the bedroom, and Caity and Karren, you guys can both do the house cause it’s the biggest?
KAR: All right. 
KT: It didn’t say the colour of it, does that mean we have creative control over how it looks?
J.J.: Yeah I guess so. It has to be reasonable though, a good house-colour.
DANIELLE: Yeah, brown maybe?
KAR: No, brown is boring. We’ll find something more interesting.
LAUREN: Okay… well I guess we can get started then?
J.J: Okay.

J.J, LAUREN and DANIELLE go off to get their supplies; KT and KAR sit at the table as CAITY pulls out some paper and a sharpie.

KT: This house is going to be awesome.
KAR: Haha yeah, I’m thinking a bright obnoxious colour would be best.
KT: Neon!
KAR: Yes! Neon orange?
KT: I was thinking neon green.
KAR: It could be both. With purple. And yellow stripes!
KT: Yes! Our group is going to hate us.
KAR: Haha that’s okay. Okay, we should draw out a sketch of this.

KAR pulls out her own piece of paper and a pen; her and KT both draw a house on their pieces of paper. After a couple of minutes:

KAR: Okay, um… our houses look completely different. Now what?
KT: Hmm… I think the best compromise would just be to use half of yours and half of mine.
KAR: Like… cut them both down the middle and attach them?
KT: Yeah, use the left half of mine and the right half of yours. 
KAR: Haha! Okay I’ll re-draw it. So, your half has a high roof and, wait, which door should we use? 
KT: It could have two doors. A double-door, like Jacob’s! 
KAR: Yeah! I put 666 as the address, you put 69 ‘Your Mom Road’.
KT: Well it has two doors, would make sense if it had two addresses too.
KAR: Kay awesome. 

KAR re-draws the house: the left half has a tall and steeply slanted roof, a curvy-shaped door, no windows, and ‘69 Your Mom Road’ written on it; the right side has a shorter and less slanted roof, four square windows, a rectangular door and ‘666 Hell Road’ written on it.

KAR: How’s this?
KT: Perfect!

The rest of the group returns and KAR hides all the house pictures.

J.J.: How’s the house coming?
KAR: Pretty good, we have some ideas.
DANIELLE: It doesn’t look stupid does it?
KT: Well that would really be opinionated.
KAR: No it doesn’t look stupid! It looks great.
KT: Should we start building the flats now?
KAR: Yeah all right.

KT takes the pages and puts them into her binder, then her and KAR walk over to the glue (poured into several cups), wood pieces, and Popsicle sticks.

KAR: How much will we need?
KT: We'll take a cup of glue, two pieces of wood and then a handful of sticks I guess. 
KAR: Okay.

KAR gathers up the material and they walk back to their table where the rest of their group is working on their flats.

KT: Kay.
KAR: Yes. Ah I already got glue all over my fingers.
KT: Good one.
KAR: It’s not even the good smelling stuff.
KT: Which glue is that?
KAR: That stuff at your house! The stuff I’m not allowed to eat anymore?
KT: Ohh, the carpenter glue. Yeah, this is probably just white school glue.
KAR: Boring.

The other group members are looking at KT and KAR and whispering to each other.

KAR: I think they think we sniff glue.
KT: Next time they look over here we should both be sniffing this.
KAR: Haha yeah. Should I go grab the whole bottle?
KT: Haha yes! Go get the bottle and we’ll sniff it.
KAR: Haha okay.

KAR runs over to the supply table and takes the whole jug of glue, then returns to the table where KT is sniffing the glue in the cup. KAR begins sniffing out of the container.

KT: Hey can we trade? You’re getting all the good fumes.
KAR: Yeah but I want another turn with that one.
KT: Yeah of course.

They switch glue containers and continue sniffing in an over-exaggerated manner. 

LAUREN: Uh… what are you guys doing?
KAR: Oh, I’m sorry, did you guys want some? 
DANIELLE: Oh my god, are you guys actually sniffing glue?
KT: Uh… no. Are you sniffing glue?
DANIELLE: We’re not sniffing glue! You were!

KT and KAR push the glue into the middle of the table, away from them.

KAR: Well we sure weren’t sniffing glue. 
KT: Must have been you.
LAUREN: Uh, we don’t sniff glue.
J.J.: Yeah that’s stupid.
KT: Well WE are trying to work on our projects, if you don’t mind.
KAR: You guys are mighty distracting.
LAUREN: You were sniffing glue!
KAR: KT, shall we go sit somewhere else?
KT: I think we might have to, some people are just so hard to work around.

KAR and KT pick up their papers and their glue and go sit on the floor in the corner, leaving their wood pieces on the table.  Once in the corner, they continue sniffing glue.  MR. ALEXANDER walks by and LAUREN calls him over to their table.

LAUREN: Mr. Alexander! Our group members are sniffing glue!
MR. ALEXANDER: Surprised and alarmed: What! Who’s sniffing glue?
DANIELLE: KT and Kar! Right over there in the corner!

KAR and KT look up from where they’re sitting, then continue sniffing from the containers.

MR. ALEXANDER: Oh… them. Yeah, just ignore them and work on your project.
J.J.: You’re not going to do anything?
MR. ALEXANDER: They’ll stop when they’re done, just work on your flats. 

MR. ALEXANDER walks away, KT and KAR burst out laughing while the other three just glare at them.

KT: That’s awesome.
KAR: Haha, ‘oh… them’. That’s great, we’re expected to sniff glue!
KT: That’ll show them for telling on us.
KAR: Yeah! Should we go back to our table? 
KT: Yeah maybe we should start the flats.

The bell rings, everyone gathers up their things and leaves the room.

KAR: Oh. Well next time then.
KT: We got a good start.
KAR: Yep.  Designed a house, killed some brain cells, pissed off our entire group… that’s a pretty productive first class. 
KT: Yep. So, see you after school?
KAR: Yep, see ya.

They go down different hallways and the scene ends. 

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