Monday, August 8, 2011

A Typical Walk

KT and KAR are walking to SAM’s house from KT’s; KAR was given strict orders from her mother not to go outside at all because it was nearly dusk and that’s just asking for trouble.

KAR: I’m really worried that my mom is gonna drive by…
KT: Well it’ll be pretty dark soon, then we’ll just walk near the trees and she won’t be able to recognize us.
KAR: Yeah I hope so… she’d better not be driving around making sure I’m not out and about.
KT: Oot and aboot.
KAR: Oot and aboot! But seriously. If she comes by, I’ll yell ‘DITCH’ and then we’ll jump into the ditch. Kay?
KT: Sounds like a good plan. Let’s have a practice round. DITCH!

They jump into the nearest ditch and lay perfectly still at the bottom.

KAR: That was really quick!
KT: Yeah she won’t be able to see us at all!
KAR: Thanks! This’ll go great.
KT: Yep!

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