Monday, August 8, 2011

Operation: Cat

KT: So, we need an official plan.
KAR: We’ll write it down, step by step!
KT: Okay, I have paper here.
KAR: Me too, we should both have a copy of it.

They both write down plan details as they are decided upon.

KT: All right. So step one… 
KAR: I’ll be in the cafeteria first, right? Step one could be me sitting at a table with whoever, casually eating my lunch.
KT: Okay, cool, so step two will be me coming in holding a bundle of blankets with what looks like a small cat in it.
KAR: Yeah, you’ll come over to our table and start talking about your new kitten.
KT: I’ll say “this is my brand new kitten named Muffin and I love him so much!” and then you’ll be like “did you say MUFFIN?” and you’ll start devouring it.
KAR: What are we gonna make the cat out of?
KT: It should be some kind of meat so that it looks real.
KAR: Maybe one of those little roasted chickens or something, we could attach a tail and some ears…
KT: Yeah! We’ll glue some fake fur to where its face would be, and I’ll just hide most of it with the blanket.
KAR: Okay so I’ll just start taking bites out of it… we should have some red juice or something to look like blood.
KT: I could have a juice box hidden in the blanket too so I could open it when you start eating…
KAR: Okay, and you’ll be in hysterics of course.
KT: Of course. I’ll just burst out crying and screaming in horror while you keep eating until everyone in the cafeteria is in a panic.
KAR: Once we get kicked out we can show them the chicken…
KT: I think it would be more fun to just let everybody think you’re a fucking psycho. 
KAR: Yeah thanks man.
KT: No problem. 
KAR: We should call it Operation Cat.
KT: Execution date, next Monday.
KAR: Brilliant!

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