Monday, August 8, 2011



KSENIA: Hello?
KAR: Hey Ksenia, guess what!
KAR: I just downloaded a bunch of music!
KSENIA: Really?
KAR: Yeah!  You want to come over and listen to it?
KSENIA: Okay!  I'll be right over!
KAR: Kay cool!

KSENIA comes over and they sit at the computer listening to music, while their younger siblings play dress-up loudly in the basement.  They soon come running up the stairs.

K: Come play dress-up with us!
KSENIA: We're busy.
E: Aren't you  just listening to music?
KAR: Ellen we're busy!
K: We need more people for our game!
KAR: Get Stuart to play.
S: I am playing!
KAR: Well we don't want to play right now, we're on the computer.
E: Fine, we're telling!
KAR: Wait!

E, K + S run out to the backyard where both sets of parents are sitting on the patio.

K: Karren and Ksenia won't play with us!
S: Yeah all they're doing is listening to music.
E: Karren's been on the computer all day!
KAR's MOM: Okay okay, tell them to come outside.

They run back inside yelling.

E+K+S: KARREN!  KSENIA!  GUYS!  You have to come outside!  Mom wants to talk to you!

KAR and KSENIA unhappily report to the backyard.

KAR'S MOM: Can't you play with them for a while?
KAR: We're on the computer!
KSENIA'S MOM: Just listening to music apparently.
KSENIA: Karren just downloaded it!
KSENIA'S MOM: Oh just play with them for a little while.
KAR: Fine.
KSENIA: I guess so.
KAR: I don't even know what to dress up as.
KSENIA: Yeah they already took all the good costumes.
KAR: What am I supposed to wear?
KAR'S MOM: You could... just put on a hat and pretend that you're cool.
KAR: Put on a hat and pretend I'm cool?  Thanks Mom.
KAR'S MOM: Oh wait, that's not what I meant!  I don't mean you're not cool!  Sure you're cool honey!
KAR: Okay.  I'm going back inside.

KAR and KSENIA play dress-up with them for a while, then return to their music.  A short while after that, they run outside to the parents with exciting news.

KSENIA: You guys have to come inside!
KSENIA'S MOM: Oh, why?
KSENIA: That's where the computer is!  We have some interpretive dances to some rap songs we want to show you!
KAR: We have everything all set up you just need to come inside!

The parents all go into the house, where KSENIA and KAR proceed to interpretive dance to their favourite Eminem songs.  Much to the delight of the adults, of course.

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