Monday, August 8, 2011

Devious Scheme

Sometime in Grade 7.

KAR runs into KT’s kitchen holding a pad of Post-It notes.

KAR: KT look! Look what I have!
KT: Post-It notes?
KAR: Yes! Let’s label things!
KT: Like what?
KAR: I’m gonna label your kitchen!
KT: The whole kitchen?
KAR: Yes and I have a scheme!
KT: What is it?
KAR: I’m gonna surprise your parents by labeling everything in your kitchen… but I’m going to label everything wrong!
KT: To frustrate them even further?
KAR: No, to confuse them! They’ll come in and want to get a glass from the cupboard, but the cupboard will be labeled ‘sink’, and the fridge labeled ‘cupboard’! The dishwasher will be labeled ‘microwave’ and the microwave ‘freezer’, the freezer will be ‘oven’ and the oven will be ‘hungry vicious lion’ just to remind people to steer clear of ovens as they will kill you in a horrific painful way.
KT: Uh… kay, I’m just gonna be here on IRC so… good luck with that.
KAR: Oh thanks.

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