Monday, August 8, 2011


KT and KAR are in KT’s room; KAR is trying on pants.

KAR: Hey, you know what tomorrow should be?
KT: What?
KAR: Wear lots of pants day!
KT: Like on top of each other?
KAR: Yeah, look! I have two pairs of jeans on! As long as you put your tightest jeans on first you should be able to get a few pairs on… but you need to make sure to roll each layer up a different length so everyone can SEE them all.
KT: Right, cause we want people to know how many pants we’re wearing.
KAR: That’s the whole point!
KT: We could make it a contest!
KAR: Yeah! Tomorrow at school, whoever is wearing the most pairs of pants, visibly, wins!
KT: It’s on.

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