Monday, August 8, 2011

Sometime In November...

[Obviously, this is an extremely condensed version of the night’s events.]

After visiting everyone at A&W and getting dropped off, they sit downstairs on the couching talking to his sister.  She leaves for a bit.

Z: Hmm, would you like another?
K: Why yes!
Z: Here’s some water!
K: Oh thanks!

His sister returns.

K: Would you like to join us?
S: Maybe, I’m just going to eat first.
Z: Wait no!

She begins eating.

Z: No!  Never mind.  Next time!
K: Let’s go upstairs!

They run upstairs.

Z: Kitchen?
K: Yeah!

They run to the kitchen.

K: I left my phone downstairs!  BRB!

She runs into the hallway, turns around, turns around again, runs back into the kitchen.

K: I’m lost!
Z: This way!

They run downstairs.

Z: We should go to the garage!
K: Yeah!

The run to the garage, then return to the basement a short while later.

Z: Let’s straighten your hair!
K: Okay!

They sit on the bathroom floor and begin hair straightening; a few minutes later they get distracted by reading a book.

K: Hey let’s go back to the garage!
Z: Okay!

They return to the garage, then back downstairs.

K: Oh!  We should go check bus times!  They stop running in a couple hours!
Z: Okay!  To the computer room!

They run upstairs to the computer room and open the Internet browser.  They stare at it for a while.

Z: This is taking a really long time.
K: Yeah you’re computer is slow!
Z: Oh wait!  We didn’t type anything yet!
Z: Okay let’s see… Winnipeg Transit…
K: Hold on wait I have to puke!

She runs to the bathroom.

K: I wish we had some gum left!  We never have enough gum.  I need something that tastes good!
Z: Like what?
K: Well water is disgusting so not water.  Anything else.  Maybe… mouthwash is minty like gum!

They try some mouthwash.

Z: That’s awful!
K: That’s so gross!

They go to the kitchen.

Z: Juice?

Juice is disgusting… Fruit is disgusting… Yogurt is REALLY disgusting… Water is so bad it’s undrinkable… Hot chocolate… Hot chocolate is good!

K: Win!  Finally.


  1. Ohhh lol. Bicycles agaaaain. How am I not mentioned in ANY of these? If I made a website, it would be FULL of Karen! And Kent =3

  2. dont worry theres lotsss i just havent finished typing them all up or uploading them yet =/ am just going through my notebooks , thats why they're all out of order too >_< BUT i just uploaded the captains log one!! Ggogogogo