Sunday, August 7, 2011

KW + Kar's Car Adventure


KAR: You should follow that bus!
KW: Okay!  Where do you think it’s going?
KAR: I don’t know!
KW: Hey let’s turn down this street, I’ve never seen it before!
KAR: What neighbourhood are we in?
KW: I have no idea.  Oh!  That bridge looks familiar, I think I know where we are.

The CD begins to skip.  KAR takes it out and puts in another one.

KAR: This one’s mostly Chris Brown I think.
KW: Oh I like this CD!
KAR: Me too! 
KW: We should start taking pictures!  Take the camera!
KAR: Yeah okay!

She begins taking pictures of them and of things outside.

KAR: Are we in Transcona?
KW: Yeah I think so.  Are you still taking pictures?
KAR: Yep.  Hey!  I think this is Elmwood actually.
KW: Maybe.  It doesn’t look familiar anymore.
KAR: Hey look!  Kent Restaurant!
KW: Ooh take a picture of that!

KW stops the car so KAR can get out and take a picture of the sign.

KAR: Kent’s Pizza, this is it?
KW: No that’s a different one!  The first one said Kent Restaurant!
KAR: Oh.

KAR takes a picture of the pizza sign.

KW: Look there’s Kent Restaurant!  On the other side!
KAR: Oh yeah!  Okay one second.

She goes to the other side of the building, takes a pictures and gets back into the car.  They begin to drive.

KW: Kent Street!  Goddamn how many things does Kent have named after him!
KAR: Isn’t there a street of your last name?
KW: Yeah I don’t know where it is though.
KAR: Me neither, maybe we’ll find it!
KW: Which way should I go?
KAR: I have no idea where we are.
KW: Me neither.  I don’t see any street signs!
KAR: There’s an intersection up there!
KW: Hey look!  We’re on it!  We’re on my last name street!
KAR: Seriously?!  Oh yeah!  
KW: That’s crazy!
KAR: Let me take a picture of it!  
KW: Okay at the next street sign!
KW pulls over; KAR gets out and takes a picture of the street sign.
KW: Okay which way should I go now?
KAR: Hmm… I think that direction would lead back to Charleswood right?
KW: Yeah maybe, I'll go this way.
KAR:Hey is that Kent Street?
KW: There’s Kent Restaurant again!
KAR: And Kent’s Pizza!
KW: What!  Okay let’s turn the other way instead…
KAR: There’s the 7-11 again.
KW: Is it the same one?
KAR: Yeah, it has the same gangster kids outside of it!
KAR: How are we back on Kent Street?!
KW: I have no idea.  We’re trapped here!
KAR: We could go to Kent’s Pizza.
KW: I think it’s closed.  I think I’ve been following this car for a while!  
KAR: Let’s keep following him!
KW: Yeah!  We’ll see where he goes!

After following the random car for sometime, they get hungry and bored of this game and find the nearest Boston Pizza.

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