Monday, August 8, 2011

Science Class PART 2

The bell rings; everyone enters the classroom and sits down.

HUTSAL: Okay, so how did things go with the substitute yesterday? Did everybody complete the worksheet?
KID 1: Well we didn’t really know how to do it.
HUTSAL: Well the adult I had watching you must have been an idiot. Okay, open your textbooks to the electricity chapter.
KID 2: Can you go over the conductor thing again?
HUTSAL: Thanks kids, that’s a good question. I’d say that, I’d say it was a good question. 

A kid sneezes.

HUTSAL: That was a nice sneeze. Now, you should all know that report cards are coming out soon, and despite all the comments I wrote about you, I still like you guys.  I just want your parents to know. Now, back to electricity. Okay, conductors and grounding. Oh hey, speaking of report cards! That’ll be a word you’ll be hearing a lot next week hey guys? Grounding! Haha.

HUTSAL gets out his cell phone and begins playing with it.

HUTSAL: Haha, that was pretty funny.  My worst subject was always English. I was sitting beside a very distracting guy, and I just couldn’t pay attention. He’s a friend of mine though, John Lowen. My little guys call him Lowen. I know you’re studying Shakespeare in English, so you just have to remember not to sit beside him.

HUTSAL continues playing with his phone.

HUTSAL: Sometimes I get text messages. Reading from his phone’s screen: “Pick me up at the side doors.” We have about nine phones, it’s dumb. Without cell phones though it would only be about five. When I was a kid we sure didn’t have that many phones. I wish Mrs. Malcolm was here. You know, if there’s a wire coming out of your phone, you could DIE. Speaking of wires, electricity. I’m just waiting to see if Mrs. Malcolm comes in, she can tell us about phones when she was a kid. If we didn’t have one of those phone-finder things…gee. It was under the bed the whole time! That one time I lost my phone.
KID 4: Can I go to the washroom?
HUTSAL: Go quick.

KID 4 leaves the room.

HUTSAL: Okay, so we’ll have a test next Monday.
KID 7: How much will it be worth?
HUTSAL: Well the lightning questions alone will be six marks, and that’s just lightning! So the rest will probab- excuse me, will you stop kicking that chair? You can kick chairs all you want, I don’t care, but do it on your own time. 
KID 7: Wait so, what will the whole test be out of...?
HUTSAL: Oh let’s just worry about covering all of the material. You’ll see in your textbooks there’s some true or false questions, we’ll go over those now.  Number one, a safe place to stay during a lightning storm is under a tree. True. Number two, when lightning…

HUTSAL’s voice fades out as KAR begins talking quietly to SAM.

KAR: Number one is true?
SAM: Apparently Mr. Hutsal sits under trees during lightning storms.
KAR: Well it is the safest place to be.
SAM: Haha. I hope nobody takes advice from this.

HUTSAL is still talking.

HUTSAL: …and some cords work better than others, the cord I usually use for it is a big thick cord with a big thick head-

A few kids are snickering.

HUTSAL: ANTHONY, SMARTEN UP.  Come on guys, be a little mature here. You know when my guys are being idiots I- like this morning! One of my guys slept in! I mean it wasn’t his fault, it was the alarm clock’s fault. Anyway, I’m trying to help you guys understand this stuff. I’m not hanging you, you’re hanging yourselves.  Okay, let’s see how much you guys have learned. Kyle, explain why… um, hmm… explain why… why…

HUTSAL continues pondering.

KID 3: Can I change seats? He keeps kicking my chair!
KID 5: I am not!
KID 3: Yes you are! I want to change seats!
HUTSAL: Oh, I don’t like the idea of changing seats. This isn’t some kind of club where- do you wanna hold hands, guys? Looking at guys on the other side of the room. Well stop touching him! Anyway, that’s why the current goes up, because more doors are opening.

KID 4 returns.

HUTSAL: Got a little bored in the washroom? Do some interesting reading?
KID 4: Uh, no…
HUTSAL: Well you missed some important stuff. 
KID 4: Kay.
HUTSAL: Kids don’t worry as much as they used to, huh? I mean I don’t think any of you are losing any sleep over this, are any of you losing any sleep? I don’t think you’re losing any sleep at all.  But you need to pay attention, or else it’s tough tiddlywinks for you when it’s test-time. 


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