Monday, August 8, 2011

Kar + Amanda's Epic Night

Amanda and Kar'Rina get dressed up and go out for dinner.  On the way home they stop at a playground, but quickly realize play structures are much more difficult in heels.  They go back to Amanda's, take off their shoes, and run barefoot to the swings that are about a block away from her house.  While swinging, they see a fire truck and an ambulance speed by with lights and sirens on.
"Where do you think they're going?"
"We should follow them!"
They run down the street after the emergency vehicles.  They come to a stop after a couple of blocks.  Kar and Amanda finally catch up, just as someone had gotten into the ambulance.
"Wait a minute."
"This is Noam's house!"
They rush to the front steps where Noam's roommates are drinking beer.  They insist everything is fine and offer the girls drinks.  They don't drink beer, but they do go inside where one of the guys plays Justin Bieber songs his guitar.  They hang out there for quite a while before returning to Amanda's house.  Still barefoot.

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