Monday, August 8, 2011

Ma Homework

KT and KAR are sitting beside each other in Psychology class. All the desks are in a semi-circle facing the big screen against the wall; the teacher and projector stood in the centre. KT and KAR sat along one of the edges, and the teacher chose this end to begin walking around to check homework. KAR had not completed her homework, but KT pointed out a piece of looseleaf that happened to be taped to the ceiling near their desks.

TEACHER: Kar’Rina, do you have your homework done?
KAR: Well, I couldn’t really do it…
TEACHER: Why couldn’t you do it? Was it too hard?
KAR: No I just couldn’t reach it.
TEACHER: You couldn’t reach it? What does that mean?

KAR points at the ceiling to where the paper is taped.

TEACHER: That’s your homework? Why is it on the ceiling? How did it even get there?!

KAR climbs onto the desk and tries to grab it, proving she can’t reach the ceiling.

KAR: I have no idea, but I’ll finish it as soon as I can get it down.
TEACHER: KT, you’re taller than Kar’Rina, can you stand on the desk and get it?
KT: I can try.

KT stands on the desk as well and reaches the paper, taking it down and handing it to KAR.

KAR: Thanks!
KT: No problem.
TEACHER: Now then, come off of the desks and start answering those questions while I check the rest of the assignments. I’ll come back to you when I’m finished, try to get as much done as you can.
KAR: Okay.

The teacher walks away; KAR realizes she doesn’t know any of the answers to the homework but doesn’t want to cheat.

KAR: Hey KT, can you do me a favour?
KT: What is it?
KAR: Can you really subtly tape this back up to the ceiling? I don’t know any of the answers.
KT: Okay, make sure he doesn’t look over here! Give me the paper.

KT takes the paper and quietly climbs onto the desk again, taping it back up and quickly going back to her seat. Within a couple of minutes the teacher returns.

TEACHER: Well? How much did you get done?
KAR: Okay you may find this hard to believe but… Points to the ceiling. Somehow it got up there again, I think there might be a magnet or something!
TEACHER: What! This is ridiculous, how does it keep getting on the ceiling? KT, did you do it?
KT: Yeah I did it, I’m sorry, I’ll climb up and get it for her.
TEACHER: Yes, well, right. Thank you. No more taping Kar’s homework to the ceiling.
KT: Okay.

KT brings the paper down and the teacher takes it. He un-crumples it and looks at it, then looks at KAR.

TEACHER: This isn’t the homework. What is this?
KAR: Looking at the paper: Oh, I don’t know, that isn’t even mine. Must have been some other kid’s homework taped to the ceiling.
TEACHER: What?! Where’s your homework?
KAR: I think I just forgot to do it.
KT: Should I tape that paper back to the ceiling?

The teacher shakes his head at both of them and walks away.

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